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 Looking for solutions? Stuck in a rut? Problems at life? Need to increase your focus? Want to increase productivity, build team players, or bring smiles back to the work place? Writer's block? Need alternative solutions for ADHD? 

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  • Improve Focus

  • Increase Creativity

  • Find Motivation and Keep It Going

  • Build Confidence

  • Strategy Intervention that WORKS!

  • Improve Interpersonal Skills

  • Stress Management

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Why a Life Coach? Life Coaches are not counselors, that is very important to understand. Counselors help you with psychological issues which have created a dysfunction to move you to a more functional life. A coach deals more in the here and now by setting goals to move you in a forward motion. Life coaching is about the journey with a focus on choices and interests. 


Creative Tidal Wave helps integrate expressive arts and technology to provide supports on the journey towards your goals. Sensory integration is also a very nifty tool to help adjust moods and focus.


The benefits of clients using Creative Tidal Wave are vast.

For the individual:

  • Increased focus and creativity

  • Meeting goals

  • Discovering "paying if forward" opportunities

  • Living out their dreams

For business and corporations:

  • Increased productivity

  • Strategies for dealing difficult employees

  • Enhancing leadership skills

  • Team building

  • Developing global points of view

For Athletic groups:

  • Team building

  • Leadership skills

  • Developing healthy social/emotional mindsets in relationship to sports

  • Bridging the gaps between coaches and team players


Your Greatest Self.


 Creative Tidal Wave helps the individual, employers, employees, coaches, and athletes discovers their stengths and weakness in a positive forward moving format. Learn how to  use your hidden strengths to increase your competive edge. Develop strategies to over moments when your "kryptonite" has been throw at you. Have your "emergency kit" ready to calm yourself or grab extra engery on the field or in the office. Become your own Super Hero on and off the field. Find your life path to sucess.




Creative Tidal Wave provides an ongoing flow of positive support to help you achieve your goals. Motivation is the key to success. Learning to develop a support system has a life long effect.


If you need a pep talk during a frustrating moment or tweak your emergency kit to increase your focus or creativity, CTW is there for you. Learn the power of "The Pause" and how music can change your thinking patterns. Creative Tidal Wave is here to help you SURF FOR SOLUTIONS.

 What Folks  Are Saying


"Creative Tidal Wave has helped me tap into my creative side, which in turn is helping me regain my confidence. A toxic workplace environment had been chipping away at both my creativity and my sense of self-worth for sometime, and I had grown deeply unhappy. Now I am taking real steps towards making positive changes- changes I now see are more than achievable. And in the process, I'm creating some terrific art." - Jen




"Donna has mad skills and a deep passion for the arts and for theater in particular. My Daughter, who is a musical theater major, has learned from Donna, been encourage by her and been mentored by her. If you or your kids get a chance to work with Donna Duff, do it! You won't regret it."

- William Sanders, author of "Staying"


"After trying traditional methods of dealing with my ADD without much success, I decided to give Creative Tidal Wave a try. I admit I was skeptical, but that soon changed. As I approach my 50th birthday, I only wish I had found Creative Tidal Wave sooner because life is so much better now. I am in control of my life, am more productive and look forward to all life has to offer." -Michael




"My experience with CTW began as a result of a relationship that had driven me to the border of absolute insanity. I was completely distraught and my self esteem was at an all time low. Fate somehow caused Donna to appear in my life like an angel out of the blue. She used some very ingenious methods to help me discard the negative experience and to reach inside myself and find the real me again, which had been buried deep under negativity. Using art, music, nature, and her infinite wisdom, she helped me find that part of me that was positive, creative, and healing. Together, she and I healed me and brought back the real me that had been buried under all the negative garbage that had built up. This was a difficult task that could not have been achieved with traditional therapy or medications. It required healing from within, and only CTW was able to help me re-locate that part of myself that is self healing. I would highly recommend CTW life coaching for anyone who feels distraught and hopeless. It works!! I'm living proof. -PKP