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Creative Tidal Wave can help improve sport team dynamics. Learn how to improve sideline behavior. Develop an effective team leadership program by helping athletes understand personalities and learning styles which could effect performance. Learn how behavior patterns can be changed to benefit the performance on and off the field. 

Donna has over 32 years experience working with coaches and athletes both on and off the field. She understands the importance of the coach/player dynamics. She has successful developed workshops and strategies to enhance team building. She also understands the importance of rituals and team bonding. 


Often ADHD and learning challenges can interfere with learning plays. Behavior and miscommunication can effect whether a team wins or loses. Learning how the players process information is crutal to executing plays. Players can benefit from understand coaching styles as well. Turn a negative atmosphere into a motivating positive one. 


Team Building Strategies

ADHD and Dyslexia Consulting

Improving Team Dynamics

How to Coach Difficult Players