Big Changes Coming

Creative Tidal Wave is evolving with the times. Being an educator, or working in the school system, is not like it use to be. With the rise of violence in the schools to include school shootings, educators are under far more stress than they have ever been before. The rise in testing has increased stress for both staff and students. Teachers deal with more emotional situations before in the classroom with the rise of divorce, pressures for attendance causing more students to attend school while sick, poverty, increase in students on the autism spectrum, lack of funding for resources to help troubled students... the list is endless. Burn out and harassment is on the rise in schools. The media is constantly bashing teachers and schools for low performance levels. Schools cannot control all variables which impact learning yet they are held accountable.

Creative Tidal Wave is reaching out to educators and school staffs to help ease the stress by providing workshops and groups to promote self-care for educators. This will also include any personnel who work with children from preK to college level, bus drivers to coaches, Sunday School teachers to ballet instructors. You all feel the pain of your students when they hurt, the pressures and demands from those around you. It is also extended to administrators who need to recognize the signs of Compassion Fatigue of their staff so appropriate actions can take place to reduce stress related illnesses which can lower performance levels and increase staff abscesses. Special education teachers and coaches are at high risk for Compassion Fatigue, get help before you burn out.

Watch for more information regarding support for Compassion Fatigue for Educators. Look for information regarding help after a suicide in your school.

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